Tivoli, Lazio, Italy

On March 1st, a couple friends and I decided to explore Tivoli. The train ride was really quick and cheap from Rome– about 6 dollars roundtrip. The ride itself was beautiful and provided views of the mountain. When we arrived, we stopped at a cafe for some coffee and a bathroom break before starting our day.

First stop: Villa Parco Gregoriana


















This villa was only a short walk away from the train station. We paid for our ticket (the lady kindly gave us a student discount) and began to explore the villa.

We were immediately transported to mountainous views and the sound of nature. There were a couple of waterfalls and a mermaid’s grotto. The place itself required some hiking which I loved. Everything was so peaceful and it felt nice to have a break from the busy city of Rome.

Second stop: Villa d’Este





Villa d’Este was magnificent. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I can see why. The place seemed like a palace– large fountains, beautiful gardens, and colorful ceilings. We took our time meandering around the gardens and finding all the fountains.

Third stop: Villa Adriana/Hadrian’s Villa




To get to Villa Adriana, we had to take the local bus and purchase tickets in the tabaccheria. (Note: they only took cash so make sure you take small euros with you if you want to visit). Hadrian’s Villa was full of ancient ruins and history. It’s also another UNESCO World Heritage Site! We explored the ruins of the hospital, library, and more. We even got lost while exploring the villa– it was so huge! We did successfully find our way back after looking for the right signs.



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