Sintra, Portugal ~ Spring Break 2019

On Sunday, March 10th we took a train from Lisbon to Sintra. The tickets were pretty cheap and the train ride was about an hour long.

So, upon arrival in Sintra, we had the option of taking a taxi up to the castle for 15 euros or you could hike up. Being broke college kids, we had to do the hike!

Here is a photo moments before the hike really started, showing the castle we trekked up to.

Many steps later, we arrived at the castle.

The castle was beautiful and colorful! We loved exploring every part of it. We saw views of the mountains and the ocean.

After grabbing a sandwich at the cafe, we began to see what the park area had to offer.

We found the park to be very peaceful and full of various plants and animals. It was a nice relief from the crowds in the castle.

Our next hike was our hike to the Holy Cross! Pictured here is a photo of the cross from our seat during lunch. It’s looks very far from there.

Gabby, McKenna, Rebecca and I laced up our sneakers (that were already on) and began the hike. We got lost trying to find where the hike began which was an adventure of itself but we eventually made it! We could see the castle from the cross. In fact, we were above the castle and almost above the clouds!

On our way back down, we jammed to Disney music and followed Kira’s military cadences. During the train ride back to Lisbon, we told our family’s life stories and got emotional over a few of them.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site can be checked off my list!


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