3 Months Studying Abroad in Rome

02.01.19-05.01.19 BEFORE My love affair with Rome sparked when I was young. It started with reading books about Roman myths and legends to taking Latin classes throughout high school. I grew fascinated with the stories I translated in The Aeneid as well as the ancient history I learned about the Roman Empire. When I began college as a small freshman, and I heard of the … Continue reading 3 Months Studying Abroad in Rome

Easter Mass in Vatican City

Buona Pasqua ~ Happy Easter!  April 21st, 2019 — Easter Sunday I made it back from Prague purposedly so I could experience Easter Sunday in the Vatican. For me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I woke up early Sunday morning to catch the public transit to the Vatican City. Even though I left later than most, my friend Nicole and I were still able to … Continue reading Easter Mass in Vatican City

Ancient Campania

March 30-31, 2019. First stop: Capaccio At Capaccio, we stopped at a buffalo mozzarella farm called Tenuta Vannulo to learn about how the buffalos are treated and how the cheese is made. We even had our own taste of fresh mozzarella cheese– delicious! The buffalos are very pampered here, as pictured in the 2nd photo below of them getting massaged. Second stop: Paestum In Paestum, … Continue reading Ancient Campania

Week 2 – Studying Abroad in Rome

Week two was filled with more coffee shops, beautiful sunsets, and gelato. A few places we visited: Barnum Cafè – a chic, rustic coffee shop where the barista specialized in unique latte designs Piazza Navona – we walked through this piazza about 6 times to find a good gelato shop Quinto Bottega del Gelato – of all the gelato places I’ve been, this one is … Continue reading Week 2 – Studying Abroad in Rome